Construction Buyer


  • Providing prices for all materials included in project plans and drawings
  • Identifying potential suppliers and new products
  • Contacting a range of suppliers and sub‐contractors to obtain quotations
  • Agreeing delivery times
  • Keeping detailed records and maintaining well‐organised work schedules
  • Assessing the reliability of sub‐contractors and suppliers
  • Dealing effectively with challenges with suppliers and the flow of materials
  • Ensuring compliance with the safety, health and environment requirements of materials and services
  • Providing advice to the project estimator on the predicted cost of individual items
  • Liaising closely with the estimator at the tendering stage to ensure that an accurate project cost is provided.
  • Negotiating and agreeing the most favourable terms possible with suppliers once a contract has been secured


  • Knowledge of construction industry and materials included.
  • Previous buyer experience required.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Sage accounts knowledge.


If you think you would be a good fit for this role please follow the link below and apply now.



Part-Time Service Engineer

We are looking for a part-time service engineer who is capable of fixings all construction tools. Including but not limited to small tools, power tool, generators etc. that return from site and would need repairs.

This job would be based on a as required service, and would be paid per job.


  • Knowledge of construction tools/equipment.
  • Excellent Electrical Knowledge.
  • Local, so the tools can be fixed as and when required.


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